Artist Spotlight

NC Artist Spotlight

As a charitable association our Artist Spotlight-program is not designed to earn profits or gain any wealths out of our artists contributions. Therefore the program is free of charge, with many meaningful perks: 

We support our members by promoting their work and giving them the opportunity to present themselves to a wider audience.

Collaboration Opportunities
Benefit from the chance to participate in collaborative projects with other members and expand your creative boundaries.

Exclusive access
Members receive exclusive access to most of our events, workshops and exclusive projects. They also earn exclusive discounts on our partners events and projects.

Networking Opportunities
Meet other artists and creators from different art fields and build valuable connections and collaborations.

Resources and Support
Get advice, resources and support from like-minded and experienced artists.

Join our NewCulture Artist Spotlight-program and discover how collaboration and inspiration can benefit your artistic journey. Become a part of the program today and help us shape the future of art!

How does it work?

1. Application
Apply for an exclusive NC Artist Spotlight-program online or via and tell us about you, your art and your current experiences, projects, events or future plans.
2. Feedback
After we contact you back, we will discuss if you and your visions fit into our exclusive program.
If they do - perfect! Welcome to the NewCulture Community! 
If they don't - no need to be disappointed! You can still visit our events and grow your network and reputation! 
3. Benefit immediately
Once you become a member of this program, you can enjoy the benefits of our community, expand your network and start your creative journey. 

Artist Spotlight

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  • Event-invitations
  • ShoutOut-Newsletter
  • Exclusive Events
  • Exclusive Collaboration-Offers
  • Instagram-ShoutOut
  • Free Pass/Discount on Partner-Events
  • Support NewCulture

Become a part of NewCulture...

The Artist-Presentation-Program can be canceled anytime with a processing time of 1 month  - no obligations

How do we fund NC?

Any money we receive through donations, sponsorships, fundings or participation-fews at some of our events will be put right into the association and its supporting acts to enable future projects for our artists.

Become a Member

You want to become a member or want more information about the membership? 

Write an E-Mail and let us help you!

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