10 exceptional artworks curated by Isabella M. May and Fran Wright in support of the 

'EQUALITY'- Exhibition by Women’s Academy

'Five Stages'

'Fruiting Bodies'

by Alice Milewski


by LeLeFantiina

'Feminine Energy'

by Silvie Sorko

'Proud Mess'

by Alexandra Hearts

'Eternal Search for Peace'


'A Bag full of Smiles'

by Painted Birds

'Never Again'

by Resalami

'Why are all boys intimidated by me?'

by Isabella M. May


by Nataša Radulović


International Women's Day 2024

The Academy: An initiative of the World Federation for UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations Europe Region through UNESCO Club Piraeus and Islands (Greece) and Alumnus Club for UNESCO (Romania)

- a new perspective and new solutions through the exchange of ideas to combat discrimination and
violence through numerous training
and practice modules, shared experiences and useful activities focusing on the following topics: intercultural education, creating (pro) attitudes against extremism and violence of all kinds, partnerships and solidarity networks through the arts, building societies based on understanding and solidarity on dialogue, cooperation and peace.


The  Academy of Women opens with the exhibition Equality to celebrate International Women's Day together in the online meeting (in English language) held on 7 March 2024, at 15.00 Romania time, (ends 16.30) with the representatives of the World Federation, representatives of Unesco clubs, artists, guests.


Generation Equality through the Arts: 

A collaboration between NewCulture and UNESCO Club Vienna in support of the Women’s Academy.



"Civil equality can truly be achieved only when gender stereotypes are reduced."