Team Call

"from artists for artists"

What we're looking for...

What kind of work do we offer?

NewCulture is a charitable, nonprofit organization to support, and form the art & culture scene in Vienna by creating, organizing and leading exciting new events and projects around art, music, poetry, fashion and more. Therefor we are looking for team-partners and volunteers that share our love & motivation for art (in all forms), event-organization and project-management.

To make our vision work and create funded events & projects that can excite, move and shape Vienna and its perspective on art/culture, we can benefit from many different abilities, knowledge or passions - it's all up to YOU and what skills you want bring to NewCulture or which experiences you want to expand through this opportunity. 

What positions do we currently look for?

It's possible to apply for either an occasional volunteer for specific projects or availabilities or even a leading position within the organization. We are happy for any kind of help and motivation you want to bring to NewCulture. Here are some of the possible positions that are yet to be assigned:

Head  of Marketing (Branding & Promotion)
graphic designer
Accountant (Finances)
And more...

Wanna apply?

If you want to apply or ask more questions about the open positions, working with NC or our association in general - feel free to contact!